The purpose of the Greencastle Arts Council is to support arts and artists throughout Putnam County.

P.O. Box 631
Greencastle, IN 46135

Barbara Fields-Timm, President
Lynne Tweedie, Vice President
Katherine Newkirk, Treasurer
Lane Ralph, Recording Secretary
Board Members
Alexandra Chamberlain
Rachel Curtis
Ron Dye
Lavinia Hale
Aaron Swartz
Barbara South

Bylaws – Proposed Changes

to be voted upon by the membership during the 2017 annual meeting on June 2, 2017


Section 2: Election First Paragraph:

“Officers are elected at the annual meeting by the membership to hold office terms of three (3) years,

and such elections and terms are arranged in such a way that one third 1/3 of the persons elected as Directors will be elected at the Annual Meeting of the corporation. A Director may serve two consecutive terms of service after which a lapse of year must occur.”


        Change the word ‘officers’ to Directors

        Insert ‘(1) one’ between ‘of’ and ‘year’ in the last line above

Section 2: Election Third Paragraph:

“The Nominating Committee will nominate members to fill the positions of the outgoing directors and one candidate for each office to be filled. They will present these candidates. The committee consists of no fewer than three (3) members and ceases duties following the election of the directors and officers. Members consist of current or outgoing board members and members of the council, but not the current President or Vice President.


        Add‘The Nominating Committee will be convened by the Immediate Past President.’


Section 1: Officers and Duties

Change-Add to the list of Officers: E. Immediate Past President

Section 2: Term of Office

Now reads: Each officer is elected for a two (2)-year term of office and serves until his or her successor assumes office. The term of office begins upon election by the board of directors. With the exception of the Treasurer, no officer is eligible to serve two (2)-year terms in the same office.

Change- Remove “with the exception of the treasurer”

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